Hata Boys & Girls Choir

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The Hata boys & girls choir is a chorus group based in Hata, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture Japan.


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About Hata BGC

Hata Boys & Girls Choir was established at Hata Town
(current Matsumoto City) , Nagano Prefecture Japan in 2006.
The choir consist of about sixty people, ranging from elementary school to university students. 

Music Director and Main conductor  :  Fumiya Iwashita
Accompanist  :  Mikiko Sasaki, Shiori Aruga, Ayumi Tomii


Wholeheartedly, love for you

Our aim is to create a sound that appeals to the hearts and minds of their listeners. We have performed widely, including appearance in several singing contests and international exchanges.

Achievement & History

- 1st prize cumlaude & Laureate concert
      at European Music Festival for Young People in 2014
- Silver prize
      at Tokyo International Choir Competition Final in 2018
- Cultural art incentive award from Matsumoto city
- Anniversary ceremony of national hoiday for Mountain Day
- JCA KODOMO Chorus Festival in 2008, 2011, 2014, 2016
- Joint Concert with Dresden Philharmonic Children's Choir

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